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September 2016:

American Honda Recognizes ACL with Premier Partner Award:

William F. Kearns, Executive Vice-President, ACL was presented with American Hondas distinguished Premier Partner Award September 13, 2016. American Honda Motor Co. President & CEO Toshiaki Mikoshiba presented American Honda's Premier Partner Award for excellence in International Transportation between North America and Europe. ACL was one of 15 award recipients selected from selected from a pool of more than 1,000 eligible companies nominated by American Honda associates nationwide based on excellence in quality, value and customer service.

William Kearns, Executive VP for ACL, said "As a six time winner of this prestigious award, we are proud and honored to continue to earn the trust and support of American Honda Motor these past 25 years."

June 2016:

IMO - SOLAS Regulation Loaded Container Verified Gross Mass (VGM):

As of July 1, 2016 the International Maritime Organization (IMO) amendments to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention requires the shipper of a packed container to provide the container's verified gross mass (VGM) prior to stowage aboard ship. In accordance with the ruling if a VGM is not provided, cargo cannot be loaded. In order to be compliant, ACL must adhere to a strict NO VGM = NO LOAD POLICY!

ACL is fully prepared to assist our customers in meeting the new SOLAS Container Weight Verification. We have been working closely with our terminals to ensure our operational readiness, and will be implementing internal procedures and system enhancements to handle your verified gross mass (VGM) data submission timely and accurately.


-WEB ACCESS: Via our website, ACLCARGO.COM for Customer VGM submission, ACL will add capabilities to our existing customer portal, "MY ACL", http://www.aclcargo.com/myacl.php (registration required). There is no charge for this service.

-EDI: will be able to send and receive VGM data with the VERMAS message as well as other messages already in place. This would include Terminal operators as well as customers.

-PORTAL ACCESS: The various portals such as INTTRA, DAKOSY, GT NEXUS are taking different approaches. ACL will receive VGM information via formatted e-mail when transmitted by customers through their portal providers.

- VGM DATA VIA EMAIL: ACL will manually enter the VGM data into the shipment record. ACL requires that the shipper's submission include the ACL shipment number, the container number, the VGM, a verification statement (disclaimer follows) and the authorized person's name in capital letters or an e-signature. Precise details can vary depending on location and additional details may be required, please see local office bulletins for more information. Direct E-mail to specific ACL VGM e-mail addresses created per ACL Booking Office (see addresses below).

ACL E-mail addresses for submission of VGM data:

Baltic States roro@transocean.ee
Belgium/Holland antvgm@aclcargo.com
Denmark acl@transocean.dk
Finland aclfinland@finnlines.com
France lehvgm@aclcargo.com
Germany hamvgm@aclcargo.com
Ireland dubvgm@aclcargo.com
North America aclnamervgm@aclcargo.com
Sweden aclsevgm@aclcargo.com
Switzerland info@natural-shipping.ch
UK aclukvgm@aclcargo.com

Please refer to the below WSC links which provides more detailed background and information.

WSC Guidelines: http://www.worldshipping.org/industry-issues/safety/cargo-weight
WSC FAQs: http://www.worldshipping.org/industry-issues/safety/faqs/

We will keep you informed of further updates including VGM documentation requirements and communication.Please contact your local ACL office for further information.

March 2016:

ACL and Ceres have signed a new contract that runs through 2022

ACL has decided to maintain its twice weekly call at Halifax with its new G4 RORO/Containerships. ACL will continue to serve the North American and European markets at the Fairview Cove Container Terminal of Ceres Halifax Inc.

Andrew Abbott, President & CEO of ACL, "We value our long-term working relationships with the Halifax Port Authority and Ceres. We looked long and hard at various schedule alternatives for our new ships. Some excluded Halifax. But we just could not ignore the close cooperation and support of the HPA and Ceres that removed every obstacle to a long-term agreement. The quality improvements to the CN Rail service and the consistent cooperation of our ILA colleagues were also influential factors in our decision. As a result of this, all the stakeholders of the port will benefit, as ACL volume via Halifax will eventually double as all of our new ships enter service. ACL looks forward to a long future in Halifax with our large, new, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly G4 vessels. The Port of Halifax will now remain our largest port in North America, and our gateway for Canada and the US Midwest."

ACL has been continuously calling the Port of Halifax since 1970 following the inaugural call of the ACL G1 vessel Atlantic Star in 1969. In January of this year, the Port of Halifax welcomed the newest "Atlantic Star" which is the first of the five new G4 ACL CONRO vessels.

December 2015:

Container Terminal Change at Baltimore:

ACL will commence container operations at the Port of Baltimore from Seagirt Marine Terminal, effective with Atlantic Conveyor Voyage #5227/5327", eta Baltimore December 14.

All loaded containers must be delivered to and collect from Ports America at Seagirt Marine Terminal:

Seagirt Marine Terminal
2600 Broening Highway
Baltimore, MD 21222
Terminal Gate Hours: 0700-1700
Firms Code: C324

Empty Containers:

During the transition, empty containers may be available for collection at either Seagirt or Dundalk Marine Terminal. Once the container stock at Dundalk is depleted, all empty collections will be delivered from Seagirt Marine Terminal.

Prior to empty collection, please consult the Ports America website for specific information; http://www.portsamerica.com/DundalkPACT

Oversized cargo (RORO and breakbulk) will CONTINUE to be worked at Dundalk Marine Terminal.

June 2015:

ENS Documentation Amendment Fee Increase:

ACL confirms we will continue our policy of NOT implementing a bill of lading (b/l) fee for eastbound shipments of both containerized and roll-on/roll-off cargo. However, effective August 1, 2015 we will adjust our ENS Documentation Amendment Fee to $100 per incident.

Specifically, subsequent b/l instructions requesting changes or additions to the original submitted b/l instructions which are presented to the carrier AFTER the ENS filing, will be assessed an amendment fee of $100 per b/l per ENS amendment transaction. Our intent is to continue to provide the b/l free of charge (as part of our product) but to decrease the amount of incidents requiring change once we have filed with the authorities.

May 2014:

ACL announces changes to free time allowances & per diem rates on all ACL carrier-owned equipment effective June 02, 2014:

Interchange for the United States:

FREE TIME (day of interchange) PER DIEM (per calendar day)
Standard Equipment (dry vans, hicubes, flatracks, opentops):
Import Shipments: 5 working days $100
Export Shipments: 10 working days $100
Refrigerated Equipment:
Import/Export: 3 working days $200
Trailers, Flatbeds & Other Special Project Equipment:
Import/Export: 5 working days $125

NOTE: Where working days are the basis for free time, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays are not counted during the initial free time period. Upon expiration of free time, per diem is assessed on the basis of calendar days.

C-TPAT Container Seals Requirement Effective May 15, 2014: International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Mechanical Seal Standard: The revised tamper evidence and certification provisions of the 2013 version of the ISO mechanical seal standard (ISO 17712) will become applicable on May 15, 2014. Seals that were compliant with the earlier (2010) version of ISO 17712 will not be compliant with the 2013 version of the ISO seal standard unless such seals are backed by an accredited 3rd party certificate or letter regarding the revised tamper evidence and certification provisions. Hauliers whether they be merchant or carrier, may therefore want to ensure, and obtain written confirmation, that their seal vendors are marketing seals that comply fully with the 2013 version of ISO 17712.

Westbound RORO Forwarding Agents Commision: Effective June 1, 2014, where applicable, ACL will pay Forwarding Agents Commission (FAC) on westbound RORO shipments moving between Antwerp, Belgium and Hamburg, Germany and its North American base ports at a level of 2.50%

April 2014:

Terminal Change at Baltimore: ACL will return container operations at the Port of Baltimore to Dundalk Marine Terminal around April 30, effective with Atlantic Compass v4218/v4318. All cargo, (containers, roro, and breakbulk), must be delivered to and collected from Ports America at Dundalk Marine Terminal:

Dundalk Marine Terminal
2700 Broening Highway
Baltimore, MD 21222
  • Terminal Hours: 0800-1600 oversized cargo must be delivered by 1500 hours
  • RORO/Breakbulk: Deliveries to Shed 12
  • Automobiles: Deliveries to Lot 1501
  • Empty containers: During the transition, empty containers for export loads will continue to be dispatched from Seagirt Marine Terminal at 2600 Broening Highway.

July 1, 2010:

Documentation for U.S. Export Cargoes and Automated Export System (A.E.S):

Timely submission of the required data to the appropriate body in an electronic format is the sole and exclusive responsibilty of the Shipper named on the bill of lading or its agent. Proof of same will be required by the Carrier in the form of a submitted master bill of lading showing AES filing citation, exemption, exclusion or legend, and inside the documentation cut-offs as published on Carrier's website. Any cargo(es) that do not meet the aforementioned cut-offs will be held on dock and subject to weekly Demurrage charges as stated in Carriers tariff ACLU-068, Rule 2-O.

November 2008:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection issues interim rule on 10+2. Please click for more information: Security Filing "10+2".

August 2008:

There has been a major change with the U.S. Customer Export Regulations and the implementation of the AES Rule. Please click for the the key information:

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